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Coffee Table

Coffee tables become a functional feature in living rooms, waiting rooms or lounge areas. They are designed not only to set drinks or books and magazines, but also to give personality to the room layout.

Congo coffee tables are designed to perform the functions as well as to give the edge to the whole layout. Minimalist designs of Congo coffee tables make them possible of being used either single or combined, and flexible to be parts of any interior designs.

Trapez attracts attention with its unique trapezoid design. Its shape, seemingly simple, but adds whole minimalist decorativeness, which makes it possible to complement any interior designs.


Product Details
  • Product Code: CT-004-TG
  • Product Dimension: (W)123cm x (D)70cm x (H)40cm
  • Nett Weight: 42.5
  • Material Selections: Teak (Jati)

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Weight 44.5 kg
Dimensions 123 × 73 × 43 cm