Solid Trembesi Table Top

Samanea saman (Trembesi/Suar) Table Top

Signature Product

Samanea saman, also known as Suar, Ki Hujan or Trembesi, is a large tropical rain tree that can grow up to heights of 25m. It provides plenty of shade with its big umbrella-shape canopy diameter wider than the tall of the tree.

Characterized by its striking wood grains, Samanea saman makes a suitable choice for sizeable table tops like dining and conference tables, and is not limited to colossal table top as its beautiful wood figure makes it beffitting as an elegant centre piece in almost any spaces.

Product Details
  • Product Code: CSW-SS-1005
  • Product Dimension: (W)150cm x (D)72.5cm x (H)9.5cm
  • Material Selections: Samanea saman (Trembesi)

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